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February 1, 2010
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Warmth by heeeeman Warmth by heeeeman
A two story pagoda on the grounds of Danjo Garan, a Bhuddist retreat near Koya-san, Japan.
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... first of all, the evermore ceremonious two-word salute to the picture -"Vintage Japan"... Dear heeeeman, as I've mentioned to you earlier, for a layman, the picture of Japan is represented by a pagoda-style temple encircled (or lined, or hinted) by trees that have white flowers (or snow in this case) in them, often with a special tone used in the picture (mostly golden, as represented here)... in this manner, you've justified the picture well... or let's call it - An art!

The picture is "encircled" with the shades of black... without any solidifying object, the trees have hence provided a 'frame'... and the natural setting of snow (and the sky) have provided the required 'white' to it, giving and equally balanced texture...

The central (focus frame) of the picture, where the temple resides has thus received a proper 'background' (I chose the word - 'background' even if the trees are in the foreground, because they provide a 'white space' for the temple)...

The snow-falling in this central region have, however, caused two effects to the picture, 1. adverse and 2. positive... the adverse, and sadly, the most striking feature is that the snow has messed up with its backing i.e. the temple - in a sense that the snow looks like the light from the temple... one has too 'really' go deep and see the picture to actually figure out whether its the falling snow or a light bulb glowing in the background... but in the meantime, the positive aspect of the same snow-falling is that - it gives a 'motion' to the picture... hence giving the feel that the snow 'is' falling and has not been staged...

Choice of Angle for the picture is well justified... as I was not there (or could be), I cannot say whether the photographer could have chosen a better angle... but in any given context, and again, in layman context, the choice of angle is near to perfect... I also admire the photographer to have included the almost fully covered path-way... that simple inclusion has been able to give 'depth' to the picture... the photographer could even chose to move closer to the temple, so as to include the 'entire' pagoda (which now, is being covered by some of the branches)... but could risk the depth that this picture carries right now...

In a rating scale of 10, this picture could well receive a 9... minor glitches are avoidable for the picture, but include the disturbance in the temple-top (it's called "Gajur" or the crown in Nepali language [Pagoda style originated in Nepal]), which could've been avoided, but is just a minor glitch... also, this picture is retouched (as far as I can judge it)... so the editor could choose to give the trees more green shade(like on the right side) to the trees that are there in the left...

Kudos to the photographer for a beautiful shot... applause and appreciation to the editor (I guess it's both heeeeman) for choosing the best tone for the picture...
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Critique by earth3dragon Feb 2, 2010, 12:40:34 AM
The contrast of warm colors with the chilling effect of the snow is effective and pleasing asethetically. I would enjoy to see another similar picture with the building further in the distance, however the shrouding of the trees does provide a mysterious effect. Distance would add more mystery and perhaps make the image more cryptic as far as meaning. Overall this is nicely done and I applaud your use of chiaroscuro. Even though I am less educated on matters of Asian art that I would like this inspires me to visit this place and learn more about the culture. I see a hint of perhaps religious meaning and I would be interested to know what the artist sees in a religious/philosophical interpretation. I see a beakon of warmth in the wilderness rather than one that is hidden in the distance. The message I get is to let the warmth of your inner light shine to warm the rest of the world. Thank you, I enjoy this very much. =]
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LittlestMonster Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2012
this is so beautiful!
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Very nicely captured, the background makes the pagoda stands out. :D
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nice shot!
Nanakonomidori Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2011
That looks beautifull
I Love snow
it's such a delicate beauty
And also connected with the peacefulness of a temple?
heeeeman Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2011  Professional Photographer
Thanks :)
Nanakonomidori Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2011
Welcome! :D
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Wonderful! :dummy:
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Sooo pretty!
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