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Watch your heads!! by LaLeLina

Great idea in using the shadow on the left as some sort of ominous figure chasing down the model. Or at least that's what I got out of it. I just feel it takes up too much of the frame. I can certainly see it's value in drawing attention to the model's face, but I feel using a whole third of the frame to do this is a tad too much.

Great use of blur around the model to create a sense of movement, and the colour pallet is fantastic, her expression stands out perfectly against the clod, sterile surroundings.

As a scene excerpt from a movie, this would be fantastic, but as it's not and you're able to tweak the scene to be perfect as a still image piece of art, that giant black presence, while entirely in it's right to be there (in fact I think it adds great story to the scene) draws a little too much attention away from the model in my view.
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